The ideal house should be well-ventilated, have good connectivity and in a pollution-free environment.

Contrary to popular belief that Ambattur is predominantly an industrial area, it is in fact a good residential belt connected well with markets, shopping places, bus stands, railway stations, hospitals and restaurants.

Even though the corporate structures have recently been springing up like mushrooms, the good thing is that they are potential employers of Ambattur’s residents.

Traffic is a bit stressful, but then, there’s traffic everywhere you go.

During the recent floods Ambattur was one of the least affected areas.

While the floor at which you live cannot be generically good better or best, it depends on the personal liking and lifestyle for the person. For instance, If you prefer reaching and leaving your apartment sooner, are aged, in need of emergency services or do not like heights, choose the ground, first and second floors.

If you like to be a little closer to the ground and at the same time want to be away from the hustle, choose third, fourth and fifth.
If you love peace and quiet, choose between sixth, seventh and eighth.
If heights, sights and views are your thing, go ninth and above.

The perfect room is firstly SPACIOUS. A clutter free room is a clutter free mind. Too much of furniture and accessories use up space and make it just another room; but instead it should be your go-to for rest, relaxation, sleep, yoga, music, dance, TV or to cuddle up with a book.

Even if the room is small, designing and installing collapsible furniture, keeping it clutter-free and airy gives it the perfect look.

The ideal house should be well-ventilated, have good connectivity and in a pollution-free environment.
  • 1. Security – Instead of paying and holding all responsibility on one watchman by the owner, living in an apartment is safer.
  • 2. Amenities – it is not possible for everyone who live in an individual house to afford amenities like swimming pool, gym, club, park and landscaping. However, these are the perks of almost all MSB being built nowadays.
  • 3. Maintenance – every apartment complex has an association that handles the maintenance and upkeep of the common areas and amenities.
  • 4. Community – apartments makes it possible to live in a community, get to know new people, their culture, food and way of life.
  • 5. Outdoor activity – in a mobile-driven world, it is definitely beneficial to occasionally indulge in physical exercise by playing in the outdoor area or around the complex, and simultaneously be monitored by security, instead of sitting at home with a remote control or mobile phone in hand.
  • 6. Geriatric support – most apartment come with walking pathways and greenery, exactly what the aged require to keep themselves healthy.
A few simple things make the home cool, especially in summer.
  • 1. Using light cotton curtains. They not only keep the heat out but by virtue of their movement create a light breeze.
  • 2. Installing blinds to block the heat while keeping the house dimly lit.
  • 3. Fixing khus-mats that can be sprayed with water so that the breeze that comes in is cool.
  • 4. Fill drinking water in a matka (Mud pot) instead of the refrigerator.
  • 5. Grow tulsi and oregano plants in the balcony. The breeze that blows over them brings fragrance into the house as well.
Buy your own home in these few simple steps.
  • 1. It’s always good to start when your bank balance makes you smile.
  • 2. Decide where you want to buy your own space – Office, school, connectivity to relatives, friends, hospitals, restaurants, places of worship, recreation etc. are factors that decide the location.
  • 3. Find a builder with a project that matches your budget. Check the builder’s previous and ongoing projects and get a couple of reviews.
  • 4. Meet them in person, check the location, surroundings and facilities provided by the builder. Most builders display a model-apartment for better understanding.
  • 5. Finalize the cost and determine your payment schedule. All projects have banks that provide home loans, and in all probability, you will get to meet them right there, if required.
  • 6. Get your documents (viz) Aadhar, PAN card, photographs etc. ready to begin the purchase.
  • 7. In phases, the builder will hand over the following documents to you:
    • 1. Booking form
    • 2. Allotment letter
    • 3. Agreement of Sale and Construction
    • 4. Sale Deed
    • 5. Parent documents that include POA and JVA (If any.)
    • 6. Handing over Documents
    • 7. No due certificate
A home that has the following details is perfect for your family.
  • 1. placement of rooms and doors according to Vaastu
  • 2. proper ventilation
  • 3. potable water
  • 4. uninterrupted power supply
  • 5. uncluttered furniture and accessories
  • 6. greenery (around the house or on the balcony)
  • 7. ample parking space
  • 8. good neighbours
Built with good quality materials, regular maintenance and upkeep, the average age of an apartment would be between 30 to 40 years. Weather conditions also have a bearing on the age of apartment complexes.